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Junior Strategy

Role of Glasgow Golf Union in Junior Development

• To provide those Junior Golfers showing ability or promise at our member clubs with a pathway to assist progress in the game to National Level and hopefully beyond.

• To have competitive Junior and Youth Teams, to compete in the West of Scotland League and the Scottish Area Team Championships.

• To provide training and development opportunities, in particular during the winter months.

• To encourage, motivate and assist our Junior Golfers to play in National level Competitions.

• To identify those Junior Golfers whose circumstances make it more difficult to progress and look to provide additional support.

• To create role models within member clubs and increase participation.

Our Team Managers & Coaching Staff

• Team Managers will lead the team selections and be responsible for the supervision of juniors while engaged in promoted events.

• Coaching differs from teaching and in addition to our nominated resident coach(s) we will engage other professional coaches, as appropriate, to assist with technical advice, competition strategy and mindset training.

• Coaching staff will not replace a junior golfer’s principal teacher, club professional or mentor but will work in harmony, wherever possible with them to ensure the best outcomes for the Junior player.

Squad Members responsibilities

• To be available to attend Squad get-togethers whenever possible.

• To regularly check for Text Alerts, Emails and WhatsApp DMs from the GGU.

• To know and agree to the Code of Conduct.

• To behave courteously and responsibly, take events seriously and prepare properly, when representing the Union and when wearing GGU clothing.

• To honour and make your contribution to the Legacy of the Union.

• To treat organisers and coaches with respect and observe instructions or restrictions requested by those adults entrusted with your care.

• To tell someone in authority if you are leaving a venue.

• To look out for yourself and for the welfare of others and to speak out if you consider that you or others have been poorly treated.

• To commit to playing in local competitions and National Events.

• To finish out and complete every competitive round – complete the scorecard.

• To be a role model for juniors at your club.

Squad Selection & Responsibilities

• Selection will be based upon recommendations from the member clubs and in this regard the club professionals, junior convenors and committee members are all encouraged to nominate those junior members who they believe would benefit by inclusion in the Squad.

• Open to all juniors showing either exceptional natural ability or just as importantly, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic.

• There is no limit on the number in the Squad and support is available to those selected for the Squad until they reach the age of 21.

Our Commitment to Members clubs and their Juniors

• To provide a winter training programme of practice sessions.

• To provide Fitness Screening to identify personal fitness development programmes.

• To provide access to Trackman & PuttLab analysis tools to assist in the better understanding of swing mechanics and for data capture and subsequent analysis.

• To offer a qualifying grant of £100 towards coaching with the individual’s existing coach.

• To provide Team Kit.

• To have an annual Junior Order of Merit medal Series Competition.

Safeguarding in Golf

• We all have a responsibility to protect and safeguard children. Everybody should be able to enjoy golf in a positive and safe environment. The GGU requires that all Members of the Squad have two documents completed and retained on file. One to be completed by the child and the other by a parent or carer. (See: Appendix)

• If you have any concerns about the behaviour or practice of a coach, organiser or another parent or carer, you are encouraged to contact and make these known to the GGU Secretary.

Documents available

The following documents are available to support our Junior Strategy - 


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