With a view to safeguarding children and young persons who come into its care for temporary periods for such purposes as coaching, team matches and other Golf related events and to ensure that all steps are taken to provide suitable persons to undertake such care and to ensure that such persons are aware of the duty of care standards expected of them the Glasgow Golf Union has prepared this document and will use the Scottish Golf Union Limited Central Vetting System.

The Glasgow Golf Union recognises that it has an obligation to ensure such steps as are reasonably practicable are taken to provide that the highest possible standard of care is exercised by it, the individual members of its Executive and any person employed by or authorised to act on its behalf when dealing with children and young persons in relation to coaching, practice sessions, participation and representation in Glasgow Golf Union team matches, competitions and other events connected with the sport of Golf.

Towards implementation of this policy the Glasgow Golf Union has prepared notes of guidance for issue to existing members of the Executive Committee, officer bearers of the Glasgow Golf Union, to new members upon election or co-option to the Executive and any person employed by or authorised to act on its behalf. These will be adhered by such persons at all times when dealing with children and young persons in relation to Glasgow Golf Union activities. This guidance will be updated by the Glasgow Golf Union as found necessary from time to time.

Furthermore the Glasgow Golf Union will take such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that its office bearers and members of its Executive who have any responsibility and involvement with children and young persons in relation to Glasgow Golf Union activities are fit and proper persons to have care and charge of such children and young persons.

It will also be the policy of the Glasgow Golf Union to obtain signed parental consent from the parent(s) or guardian(s) of such children and young persons who are selected for coaching or playing in team matches and competitions as representing the Glasgow Golf Union. These parental consents will include such information as is considered by the Glasgow Golf Union to be necessary for safeguarding the health and well being of the children and young persons while under the care of the Glasgow Golf Union and enable contact with parents or guardians in any emergency situation.

The Glasgow Golf Union as a matter of policy has also promulgated a Code of Conduct for Juniors Members/children and young persons involved in their activities and this code will be provided to each and every child and young person selected for coaching or as a member of any team or pool of players from which teams are selected.

Any instances of or complaints received regarding failure to observe the guidance policy by any member of the Executive Committee, office bearers, employees or persons acting on their behalf or any child or young person so involved or failure to observe the Code of Conduct by any child or young person so involved may be brought before a hearing panel consisting of 2 members of the Executive Committee and chaired by the Vice President of the Glasgow Golf Union, for consideration of such action, disciplinary or otherwise as it may consider to be necessary in the circumstances.

Appeal against the findings of the hearing panel may be made to an appeal panel of 2 further members not already involved, selected by and chaired by the President of the Glasgow Golf Union. The decision of this appeal panel will be final.



All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with children. Equally all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure adults working with children are fully supported and aware of good practice regarding child protection issues.

For all positions that require contact with children the following recruitment procedures must be completed.

Pre-application information for positions involving contact with children will be sent to applicants and will include:-

  • A job description including roles and responsibilities
  • A candidate specification (e.g. stating qualifications or experience working with children required)
  • A self declaration form



All applicants will be requested to complete a Self-Declaration Form. The purpose of the self-declaration form is to collect information on criminal behaviour that is relevant to the position e.g. criminal records or investigations. This is requested in a separate sealed envelope and is not opened until the applicant is selected for an interview. If the applicant is not selected the form is returned unopened to the applicant.


References will be sought as required. Where possible at least one of these references will be from an employer or a voluntary organisation where the position required working with children in any of the following capacities: employee, volunteer or work experience. If the person has no experience working with children a training requirement will be agreed before appointment.


The Glasgow Golf Union will require a Disclosure Scotland check for all members whose position within the Glasgow Golf Union requires contact with children through the Central Registered Body for Scotland through Scottish Golf Union Limited.

The SGU is registered with the Central Registered Body for Scotland and prior to appointment a Disclosure Scotland check and/or equivalent check will be completed through the auspices of the SGU. This will require the prospective position holder to complete and submit a Disclosure Scotland form, with the results returning to the SGU. The Area/Club and the individual will then receive advice through a national process as to the suitability to work with children. No details of the actual disclosure will be returned to the Area/Club, thereby ensuring that confidentiality is maintained as far as possible.
As recommended by Disclosure Scotland (Protecting the Vulnerable by Safer Recruitment 2002) the following type of check is to be requested for positions requiring contact with children.


Enhanced Disclosures will be requested for positions that involve a greater degree of contact with children. For example positions that require regular contact with, training, supervising or being in sole charge of children and young people.


For volunteers this requirement will be considered accordingly to the seniority and nature of the role to be undertaken.


The induction process for the newly appointed member will include the following:

  • An assessment of training, individual aid and any other needs and aspirations.
  • Clarification, agreement and signing up to the Child and Adult, Protection Policy and Procedures.
  • Clarification of the expectations, roles and responsibilities of the position.


Newly appointed members will complete the following training agreed or training to be undertaken:-

  • Protecting children
  • Working effectively with children (including presentation skills, developing child friendly resources and activities).
  • Any other identified training needs.


Newly appointed members may be required to complete an agreed period of probation on commencement of their role.


The following points of guidance which are by no means exhaustive, are provided for the information and assistance of members of the Executive Committee of the Glasgow Golf Union who are from time to time involved in transporting and supervising Juniors on behalf of the Glasgow Golf Union for the purposes of coaching and participating in golf competitions as representatives of the Glasgow Golf Union.

1. An adequate ratio of supervising adults to Juniors participating is required at all times. This should whenever possible be not less than 1 – 4 with not less than two members of the Executive being present at any given time.
2. Completion of Parental Consent Forms should be mandatory when a Junior is initially selected and completed on an annual basis.
3. Any medical requirements should be ascertained whether on a permanent basis as declared on the Parental Consent Form or an a transitory/temporary basis as later situations demand.
4. A contact telephone number and address for parent(s) should be included on the Parental Consent Form and updated as required.
5. All Executive Committee members agreeing to act in a supervisory capacity with Juniors should be asked to declare in writing that they do not have any previous convictions for, nor are they aware of any police investigations or enquiries either past or current with regard to them involving any crime or offence relating to or against children or young person and/or which would render them unsuitable in the opinion of the Glasgow Golf Union to be responsible for the supervision of Juniors. Any member of the Executive would have the right to refuse to sign such a form but if he did so then he could have no involvement with regard to supervision and transportation of Juniors.
6. Any vehicle used for the purposes of transporting Juniors as above should be adequately covered by a current policy of insurance for that purpose and ascertained as such by the supervisor concerned.
7. There should be no more than three Juniors carried in any motor car in addition to the supervisor/driver.
8. Where only two Juniors are carried they should be seated in the rear seat of the vehicle. It would be preferable that more than one Junior in a vehicle be supervised by the driver.
9. Seat belts should be worn at all times and without exception by Juniors carried in the vehicle.
10. Where a mini-bus type vehicle is used it should be fitted with passenger seat belts which should be worn without exception by Juniors.
11. Juniors to be transported should be notified in good time of the pick-up point and collection on return points and times and instructed to notify their parents/guardians that it is their responsibility to arrange delivery to and uplifting from on time from these points of the Juniors
12. A Code of Conduct promulgated by the Glasgow Golf Union should be provided annually to each person selected for coaching or representing the Glasgow Golf Union at golf events preferably via the parent/guardian so that all concerned are aware of what standard of behaviour is expected of the Junior
13. As a general rule supervisors should always be publicly open when working with Juniors, should avoid situations where adult/child are completely unobserved; spend excessive amounts of time along with children away from others; make sexually suggestive comments to a child even in fun; err on the side of caution in such matters and generally apply common sense in your actions at all times in these respects.




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