Club annual membership return to Scottish Golf is due as of 30 September 2020. As we use the information to inform progress against investment targets and to track membership in golf clubs, it is important that the return is accurate and includes all adult members with playing rights, irrespective of how often they access the club and/or whether they have an official handicap.
Please note that whilst the per capita fee does not apply to your junior members or social members we do ask for accurate data on both these categories as we use this for other purposes, most significantly in applications we make to external funders for support of the junior game.
We are aware that there have previously been incidences of clubs failing to submit accurate or consistent data which has a direct impact on our ability to invest in the game across Scotland. Therefore, we ask that you ensure the accuracy of your return and please be aware that we will be checking returns against those previously submitted and other publicly available data. We are not looking to penalise past errors in submission, but we are looking to ensure accuracy in these and future returns. Tracking and understanding the membership landscape across Scotland, is critical at a time when we are working hard to position the importance of the industry to the economy. For more details click here

In this week's Club Newsletter, you can catch up on our latest Zoom Panel Call about Member Retention. There's a reminder to clubs about the current Scottish Golf Board Vacancies and the requirement for clubs to provide their annual membership information. Club officials can also find out more about a recent sustainability project at Banchory Golf Club and the benefits of stocking Budweiser Brewing Group at your club.

The fourth in a series of newsletters from Scottish Golf about the new World Handicap System (WHS) is now available. These updates will give Clubs updates on the latest news, information and developments about the implementation of WHS in Scotland, and while at some points, they may be repetitive, they will provide Clubs with essential updates on what needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition to WHS. The newsletter may be viewed in our Document archive here. Details of the WHS Zoom Webinar to be hosted on Thursday 8th October are also attached to the newsletter.

Following the First Minister’s latest update in Parliament on Tuesday 22 September, Scottish Golf has been in dialogue with our partners at sportscotland and the Scottish Government to obtain further clarity about the new national restrictions being implemented across Scotland.

Scottish Golf is now in a position to provide all Clubs with Updated Phase 3 Guidance for all Golf Clubs and Golfers.
The changes are summarised as follows and unless otherwise stated are effective immediately:

Any golf club/course which is accessed regularly by over 200 members or visitors, in a single day, must have in place a designated COVID officer and appropriate risk assessments. More detail is available in sportscotland’s Phase 3: Return to Sport and Physical Activity guidelines here.

For adults, a maximum of 30 people including coaches and officials can combine to essentially create a ‘competition bubble’ as long as physical distancing measures are maintained. Competition organisers should ensure that no two ‘bubbles’ come into contact with each other at any time throughout the day.

For full details of this article click here

Following the First Minister’s update in Parliament today (10 September), Scottish Golf would like to clarify that on-course golf activities can continue under our current Phase 3 Guidance, with up to four players from four different households allowed to participate together.

Golf Clubs with hospitality venues should also note that the following changes are effective from Monday 14 September:
• A maximum of six people from two households can meet both indoors and outdoors.
• Staff will be required by law to wear face coverings.
• Customers will be required to wear face coverings while moving around inside a hospitality venue such as entering or exiting a venue or going to the toilet.
We thank all affiliated clubs for their ongoing cooperation during these challenging times. To keep up to date on the latest COVID-19 updates from Scottish Golf, please click here.

The Matchplay Championship will be held at Sandyhills Golf Club on Friday 11th - 13th September. The Quarter-finals will be played on Friday 11th, with the Semi-Final and Final on Sunday 13th. The draw is as follows - 


Qualifiers for Matchplay – 11th September 2020 – Sandyhills G C

Seed         Name                                     Club

1                Craig Harper                           Haggs Castle G C

2                Gordon Sangster                    Cathkin Braes G C

3                Brendan McKenna                  Pollok G C

4                Jonny Robertson                    Haggs Castle G C

5                Alan Murphy                           Ralston G C

6                Matthew Clifford                     Sandyhills G C

7                Greg Brown                            Cathkin Braes G C       

8                Chris McMillan                        Bishopbriggs G C


QUARTER FINALS – 11th September 2020  - starts at 16.00

Match 1 

Craig Harper  v Chris McMillan 

Match 2 

Jonny Robertson v Alan Murphy  

Match 3 

Brendan McKenna v Matthew Clifford 

Match 4 

Gordon Sangster  v Greg Brown  

Semi Finals – Sunday 13th ( Morning ) 

1st : Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2

2nd : Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 

Final – Sunday 13th ( Afternoon )

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