Since its formation Glasgow Golf Union has produced many excellent golfers, some of whom have represented their county.
A number have also achieved success at National level.


2018  C Fyfe Cawder
2017 C Chalmers Cawder
2016 C Fyfe Cawder
2015 B Hume Haggs Castle
2014 F Grant Ralston
2013 F Grant Ralston
2012 G Miller Cawder
2011 G Miller Cawder
2010 G Miller Cawder
2009 M Bookless Sandyhills
2008 J King Glasgow
2007 F Drum Cowglen
2006 M Bookless Sandyhills
2005 N McBride Cowglen
2004 C Robertson Cathcart Castle
2003 J Laurie Cowglen
2002 A Syme Williamwood
2001 E Wood Sandyhills
2000 M Loftus Cowglen
1999 A Doherty Cowglen
1998 M Loftus Cowglen
1997 J Finnigan Haggs Castle
1995 D A Lamond Haggs Castle
1994 G Crawford Williamwood
1993 C E Watson Williamwood
1992 G Crawford Williamwood
1991 C Barrowman Glasgow
1990 H Kemp Cawder
1989 G Shaw Haggs Castle
1988 D Martin Williamwood
 1987 S Machin Cowglen
1986 A MacLaine Cowglen
1985 I A Carslaw Williamwood
1984 I A Carslaw Williamwood
1983 I A Carslaw Williamwood
1982 R Gregan Williamwood
1981 B A Pearson Haggs Castle
1980 W C Black Cathcart Castle
1979 J Cubbage Cawder
1978 M J Miller Cawder
1977 M J Miller Cawder
1976 D M McCart Cawder
1975 D M McCart Cawder
1974 G B Cosh Cowglen
1973 S Barclay Cathcart Castle
1972 G B Cosh Cowglen
1971 W C Black Cathcart Castle
1970 E W Hammond Cathkin Braes
1969 G Hewitt Sandyhills
1968 E W Hammond Cathkin Braes
1967 J R Young Cathcart Castle
1966 J W Campbell Glasgow University
1965 J W Campbell Glasgow University
1964 W C Black Cathcart Castle
1963 R L Renfrew Glasgow
1962 A Cribbes Cawder
1961 W S Jack Pollok
1960 W Norris Cowglen
1959 J R Young Cathcart Castle
1958 W S Jack Pollok
1957 J R Cateer Williamwood
1956 E D Hamilton Ralston
1955 W S Jack Pollok

Glasgow Golf Union @2017-18