GGU Individual Coaching Plan. Top Golfers whose home club is a member of Glasgow Golf Union can now apply for a coaching grant towards individual sessions with a nominated coach or professional.

The qualification rules are outlined below and GGU will consider nominations submitted on the form that can be downloaded below and should be emailed to the Secretary, Mark Jamieson for approval.
If any player wishes to discuss a potential application in more detail, please contact the relevant Team Managers.

Qualification Rules:
The player must have as his home club one of the 11 course owning clubs within GGU or Clubs playing from one of the municipal courses subscribing to the Union.
Players must hold a handicap of 2 or less on to qualify for consideration of a coaching grant.The player should not currently be part of a designated coaching programme or a member of the SGU Academy or Development Centre project.
The player must have the potential to represent GGU at A team, Youth or Boys level and this should be agreed by the relevant team manager and approved by the coaching sub committee.
Individual players may apply to the Executive for a coaching grant in any one year up to a maximum of £100 based on the guidelines set out below.
The grant when approved will be paid direct to an individual coach or designated professional subject to a suitable invoice being presented. The grant must be used to assist with the overall development of the player. The Union may make a partial contribution depending upon individual circumstances with the expectation that the player contributes a proportion of the coaching fees levied by his designated coach.
It would be expected that individual players in receipt of a coaching grant will provide the Executive with a quarterly report on progress made during the calendar year in which a grant is payable.
The Executive in all cases reserve the right to decline applications received if the overall coaching budget of the Union has or will be exceeded by acceptance of further applications in the financial year.

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 Download the individual coaching request form here

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