The Glasgow Golf Union Junior Development strategy has been developed over a number of years and is reviewed on a regular basis.
The strategy meeting of the member clubs was last held in October 2012.

The key action areas that emerged from this strategy meeting were as follows:


To establish good communications and improve the quality of information exchange between the member clubs and the executive.

  • Establish current approach to boys coaching at Club level
  • Regular Face to Face meetings with Member Clubs
  • Include where appropriate Club Professional
  • Share Best Practice
  • Improve the Information Flow on Junior Activities to the Member Clubs
  • Advise on framework of SGU Coaching elements and encourage club participation in the project


The Executive when establishing the annual budgets approve appropriate funding to deliver the strategy. Main Elements Agreed:

  • Under 15s Inter Club Matchplay Competition
  • Under 14s Annual Skills test. A series of short game activities
  • Annual Talent ID Day
  • Coaching opportunities offered to all boys meeting an agreed level of ability and potential
  • Coaching opportunities offered to all boys meeting an agreed level of ability and potential
  • Adopt the SGU Development Centre coaching elements
  • 2 groups from Member Clubs aged under 14 years and 16 years
  • Team Development coaching (on course and course management sessions)
  • Annual assessment and de-selection process
  • SGU Level 4 coaching opportunities via regional and National selection process


Implementation of the coaching element of the strategy was designed to address 3 key areas:

  • Teaching to Train
  • Teaching to Play
  • Teaching to Compete

Demonstrate Value for Money

  • Budget allocation
  • Monitoring and Review Procedures
  • Coaching Structure will ensure continuation of SGU grant support

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