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Young Golfers

Junior golf development is an area that the Glasgow Golf Union is committed to improving and enhancing. The Glasgow Golf Union mission statement states:

'The Glasgow Golf Union will provide a coaching structure that facilitates player development to both County and National level.'

  • Strategy

    The Glasgow Golf Union Junior Development strategy has been developed over a number of years and is reviewed on a regular basis. The strategy meeting of the member clubs was last held in October 2012...

  • Key Contacts

    Listing page summary to follow...

  • Under 14's Skills Test

    The objective of the Under 14’s Skills Test is to encourage junior golfers to practice and develop their short game skills...

  • Inter Matchplay Competition

    The objective of the Inter Club Matchplay is to provide matchplay experience along with a platform to develop interpersonal etiquette & skills while providing the opportunity to play competitive golf  over other golf courses.

  • Team Development

    The objective of the Team Development programme is to ensure the young, low handicap golfers aged 16 to18 years of age, in the Glasgow area, are motivated to be team players, maximizing their abilities and contribution to the Area Junior Team...

  • Child Protection Policy

    With a view to safeguarding children and young persons who come into its care for temporary periods for such purposes as coaching, team matches and other golf related events and to ensure that all steps are...

  • Parental Consent Form

    To allow a child or young person under the age of 18 to participate in a Glasgow Golf Union competition or tournament we require full parental consent from the child’s parents...

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