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GGU Strokeplay Championship

The Strokeplay Championship at Cawder on Sunday 18 June ended in a tie between two Cawder members who will have an 18 hole play off at Cawder at a date to be arranged.  Conditions were sunny with a light wind and the course was well presented.  Some excellent scores were produced although both morning and afternoon the CSS was 72,two more than the SSS of 70.

Ist equal  Darren Christie (Cawder)             70 +72 = 138

               Craig Chalmers (Cawder)            72 + 66 = 138

3rd          Calum Fyfe (Cawder                   70 + 72 = 142

4th          Graeme Cross (Cawder)             70 + 73 = 143 

5th          Andy Fairbairn (Cawder)         70 + 74 = 144

6th         Greg Brown (Cathkin Braes)         74 +70 = 144

7th         Gordon Sangster (Cathkin Braes) 74 + 70 = 144

In the team event the winning team of three was Cawder A (Calum Fyfe, Andy Fairbairn and Graeme Cross)  287.  They will represent GGU in the National Competition.

Runners up were Cawder B (Darren Christie, Neil McKenzie and Jack Savage) 289 and the gallant two man team from Cathkin Braes (Gordon Sangster and Greg Brown 289.

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