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Since 1955 The Glasgow Golf Union have been fortunate to have had so many great golf administrators. Without their dedication and hard work the Union would not have survived the last 60 years.


Past Presidents

2015-16 W Wood Ralston
2013-14 R Burnett Cathkin Braes
2011-12 D MacRae Cawder
2009-10 W Keen Sandyhills
2007-08 D A Lamond Haggs Castle
2005-06 J B Gould Ralston
2003-04 J J Quin Bishopbriggs
2001-02 R J G Jamieson Cowglen
1999-00 A B Watt Cathkin Braes
1997-98 G M Elton Sandyhills
1995-96 R C Matthew Ralston
1993-94 J Wands Cawder
1991-92 G R Cameron Sandyhills
1989-90 I C Campbell Pollok
1987-88 I Stewart Ralston
1985-86 G B Cosh Cowglen
1983-84 D I Muir GJCC
1981-82 M C Dewar Sandyhills
1979-80 E G L Barclay Bishopbriggs
1977-78 J D McKean Haggs Castle
1975-76 J M Matheson Cowglen
1973-74 G O McInnes Glasgow HSFP
1971-72 J R W Walkinsha Haggs Castle
1969-70 W S McFarlane Cathcart Castle
1967-68 M McKeand Littlehill
1965-66 D A M Jamison Ralston
1963-64 G Sanderson Cathcart Castle
1961-62 W D Robertson Hutchesons GSFP
1959-60 G C Morris Pollok
1957-58 J M Steel Cawder
1955-56 E D Hamilton Ralston
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